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Meet the crew

Post by Admin on Sat May 14, 2016 3:45 am

Our guild has two fearless leaders, without whom all would be lost.  They are Grim and Kermit 1 Ball.  Here is a short description of each:

Grim - Hate filled lady gamer that will cut you.  Mains a Cleric, Rogue, and Guardian Fighter, has many other characters.  So much hatred it couldn't be contained within one account, so she runs a pair of them. Not Southern, she just lives there.

Kermit - Pun filled frog that has been cut by grim.  Mains a Rogue that does alright, I guess it could be better.  He only has like a 4k gear score, so he has a long way to go.  Canadian.

Next up is our rank 6 moderators.  We have two here, a married couple that go by Dan and Jen, or "K-name" and "L-Name".  Here is a short description of each:

Dan - Loves long walks on the beach, and slapping people that say "Party foul" or "Hash tag".  Has 12 characters and can't remember shit about most of them.  Can provide expert advice on paladin things, and has a pretty good rogue, warlock, and level 10 cleric.  Not French.

Jen - Sometimes referred to as Grim Jr., this lady gamer is looking for people to cut when they give her the "Girl's don't know how to play video games" routine.  And her Hunter Ranger is a beast.  Which means when she cuts you, strong grasping roots stick around to finish the job.  Some sort of Hispanic Mexican.

Officers - We have a few of those too.  I'll be lumping rank 4 and 5 together because it doesn't really make a difference, we are all a family.

Jedi - Some call him Dan 2.0, because he's like an improved version of Dan.  He's spoken for though, ladies and gentlemen.  Mains a beastly rogue.  He's from Arizona despite living in Texas.  Don't say Texas stuff at him, he hates it.  Racially ambiguous.

Joe - Despite not being Italian, Joe is Italian.  He loves pasta things and all things crime related.  Mains a beast wizard, but has almost as many characters as Dan, plus a much better memory.  A good jack of all trades for bouncing opinion questions off of.  He's from Italy, which I just made up.

Tovald - He's so German he makes German people look Dutch.  Torvald Runs a Great Weapon Fighter and a Control Wizard, and is one of the nicest guys in our guild as long as he isn't in PvP.  He's from Germany.  (Told you he was German)

Erik - Ahhhhh!  It's Another Canadian!  Erik runs three characters, a bubble pally, a rogue, and a cleric.  Loves when you spell his name with a 'c', like "cerik", and jokes that involve "that's what she said".  Great for asking Syrup or Moose related questions.  Gets creepy quiet at night time after his son goes to bed to avoid waking him, but will still occasionally chime in with some spine tingling awkward comment to make you hate most of Canada.

Note: all joking aside, each and every one of these people had proven they will bend over backwards for their family (you guys). If you need help, ask!


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